Handyman Services Buford

What can our Handyman Services in Buford, Ga do for you?

Actually, the question should be, “What kind of handyman services do you need?” We specialize in just about every aspect of your home or property and our technicians have over 25 years of experience. When you have a trusted handyman service at your disposal, there is really no other specialty services that you would need to call. Our handyman services have a wide variety of knowledge in home improvements, home repairs, plumbing problems or upgrades, electrical problems or upgrades, deck improvements and so much more!

Handyman Services Include Plumbing

At Paint and Repair, we can replace your old water heater instead of calling a plumber! Have a water leak or frozen water lines? No problem, give us a call! The winter season is upon us and freezing temperatures are on the way. If you forgot to wrap your pipes and protect them against the freezing temperatures, there is a good chance of ending up with broken water lines or pipes. As a handyman service, we can wrap your pipes for you and prepare them for winter, or fix your broken lines if you wait to long. We would much rather prepare your water lines ahead of time and keep you protected, but just in case, keep our number handy for when they freeze.

Handyman Services Include Electrical

Electricity is not something that should be played with, as we all know. Having problems with some lights, sockets, or switches? That is not a problem for our handyman services in Buford, Ga. There is no need to call and electrician, because our technicians can locate the problem for you and replace or repair the problem source. Ready to upgrade the fixtures or replace the ceiling fans? Give us a call and discuss your needs today!

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