Painting Contractor Buford

Painting Contractor Buford

Popovich Paint And Repair is a top quality painting contractor in Buford Ga and services the surrounding areas of Gwinnett, Hall, Barrow and Dekalb counties. With over 25 years experience, we can assist you with all of your interior painting and exterior painting needs. With Winter just around the corner, now is the time to get that exterior painting completed to help protect your siding from the winter elements.

Painting Contractor Buford  Painting Contractor Buford

Exterior Painting Contractor Buford

 As an exterior painting contractor, we will inspect the surfaces and substrates to assure that they are , clean, sound and no rotted areas prior to painting. Any problems that we find will be brought to your attention and can be fixed or replaced prior to painting to prevent future problems. Top quality paint is crucial for the exterior since it is exposed to the elements of weather and UV rays. Higher quality paints have more resins and designed to last longer, which protects the substrates for a longer period of time. Darker colors will fade over time and by using paints with higher resins and with a slight sheen, such as a satin will help prevent fading and chalking so fast. For further info, contact us as your local Painting Contractor Buford.

Interior Painting Contractor BufordInterior Painting Contractor Buford

Interior Painting Contractor Buford

As an interior painting contractor, we only use the top quality paints as well for long term performance and expectations. If you are looking to sell the home or rent, then we can use the less quality paints at your request. The quality of paints will be discussed prior to any painting to assure that you get the quality of work that you are seeking. For interior, there are several different sheens that can be used depending on how much shine you are looking for. In most cases, it is recommended to not go more than an eggshell sheen on walls due to defects within the walls that will show with more sheen. Similar to exterior paints, the high quality interior paints have more resins, which enables better washing ability and durability. For very tall or long walls, most people request a flat sheen to prevent from seeing the defects in the wall, but we can discuss that during the proposal period. We can also repair any holes or problems that you have prior to painting. For more info, just ask us as your local interior painting contractor in Buford

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